Hello Minions! Had to take some time off for personal reasons, but now I'm back! so to commemorate my triumphant return, here is a two hour long rant session with my wife Marsha about just a small example of some of the people in the universe that irritate us. This is a super judgmental, overly self-indulgent, self-denial dwelling, horribly awful example of why I should not be allowed to speak. Ever.

Thanks to those who are still with me! I heart you!



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A sad, tragic tale of another person who thought it was his calling to try to force communication with a primitive civilization that has made it clear for decades that they want to be left alone. And now, since it cost him his life, the moral and legal dilemma that is now presented as a result is that of who to hold accountable. And do governments have absolute rule and governing power over the last bastions of societies that have resisted modern interactions and progress in an attempt to preserve forgotten ways of life? A tricky tale of hubris and accountability.


In a prime example of why you shouldn't record an episode when you're super emotionally unstable, I got super pissed at Chicago's recent addition of "streaming and online entertainment" to its existing and already ridiculous "amusement tax" and decided to talk some mad shit. Needless to say, frivolous taxes do not amuse me.




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From deep within the bowels of society, another urban legend is excreted. A legend so foul, so nasty...so real? I have my opinions. Born of a deep-seated need by my shadowy friend Steve Cominski to seek and uncover the truth, he bequeathed upon me this unholy quest to get to the bottom of a fabled relic, rivaled only by the Holy Grail in its true historical significance.  Welcome to the edge...

Baked and Awake



On The Edge








Now that Misery Point Radio (My new, second podcast) has taken of the reigns of being the hub for artists and entertainers, On The Edge will officially focus on all things topical, with a focus on the comedy of the human condition. Rants, raves, crazy things in society, strange stories, and a whole lot of talkin' smack!

This episode, inspired by the horribly bad job applicants I've seen over the years, is a bitter yet comedic look at where we are as society in regards to job seekers and real-world exectations. Sure to offend the thin skinned, and probably surprise those with old-school notions of what is actually wrong information, here is my observational take on what some companies actually think of the behavioral toilet that is today's job market.

Sorry not sorry.



I'm joined by Chris Adkins, who plays in the trifecta of awesomeness consisting of Acoustic project The Royal Pain, melodic punk outfit Phasers On Kill, and the legendary hometown and international heroes MxPx. Co-hosted by my studio wizard friend Bradly Miranda, we have an awesome hangout session and discuss how Chris manages to juggle all three acts and maintain his sanity. We also get an epic solo acoustic performance which features an amazing Descendants cover as well as two other killer cuts, one of which features Brad on the nut crusher (cajon) and Brad's brother Brian on bass. There is also video that will be coming real soon!

This episode also will be fetured on the newly launched Misery Point Radio in a few weeks!

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Aussie podcaster David Chaffey discusses his extreme comedy podcast Man Brain, and we attempt to identify the fine line between what is comedy and what is just plain hatespeech. We also dissect the challenge presented with creating offensive characters and still being able maintain a (somehwhat) (Normal?) identify that is completely different than the characters that one creates.

An insightful and deeply personal look into the psyche of an extreme comic and the surprisingly down-to- earth individual who atempts to put an absurd world on blast while coping with some pretty heavy challenges.

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The research into the last episode of the now infamos Horizon Air theft and subsequent crash on Ketron Island led me down another path that resulted into me wanting to tell the story of another famous island in Washington State: McNeil Island. Located in very close proximity to Ketron Island, McNeil was once a federal penitentiary that housed Mafia era gangsters, an infamous ornithologist, a presidential candidate, and a future cult leader! After relinquishing federal control of the island to Washington State, it finally ceased to be a prison and subject of the department of corrections, and now houses a highly controverial "rehabilitation" center for the states highest level sex offenders. Faced with lawsuits, maintenence challenges, and an astronimical budgetary requirement, we ae faced with several qustions. Do we continue to allocate resources to it? Do we open a new facility in a more budget friendly, mainland location? Do we cease the entire program alltogether and release the most abhorrent of offenders back into the population? And is the Now-DSHS run program operating according to its mandate and actually running a successful program, or is it violating  basic human rights laws, misapropriating funds, and "warehousing" residents as opposed to working toward actual solutions. You be the judge!


On August 11, 2018 one person single-handedly stole a 76 seat commercial airliner and flew it on a 75 minute joy-ride aound the South Puget Sound before finally crashing it into a nearby island and killing himself. This calls into question many different things, namely how a glaring security oversight will undoubtedly have worldwide implications for air travel and safety. Additionally, we are faced with many questions about mental illness and how unprepared we sometimes are to identify triggers and act in a timely and effective manner before something tragic happens.

PS- Any instance where I may have referred to Anderson Island, I meant to refer to McNeil Island. OOPS lol. Anderson Island is awesome! McNeil is not lol.


Thanks to Blake from Noise Pollution Podcast for the intro! Check out Noise Pollution on all the social media thingys and Podcatchers!



I'm back from my brief hiatus, so thanks for hanging in there! Back in October of 2017, a once "boys only" club  announced they would begin allowing girls to enroll in a limited capacity, much to the dismay of a large portion of the population. I attempt to remain objective while examining both sides of the controversy and attempting to answer this question: should we as a society continue to allow the existence of exclusive groups, or do we need to include everyone in everything in order to maintain a state of politcally correct equality? Sure to ruffle a few feathers with this one!



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