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Episode 6- This job would be great if…(Part 2)

As the title suggests, this is PART 2 of my customer service rant! Enjoy!

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Episode 6- This Job Would be great if… (Part 1 )

This rant got so long, I had to break it up into 2 episodes! If you've ever dealt with difficult customers, this topic is for you! If you are a difficult customer...Move along, move along. This is PART ONE! 


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Episode 5- Linda Nicole Blair!

Local recording artist and goddess of Americana Linda Nicole Blair stops by the studio to discuss her debut album as well as her as-yet-untitled upcoming new one! We get an amazing acoustic performance of some unreleased new material, and have a blast dissecting the studio experience, live shows, and some personal projects she's got on the burner! An amazing hour of intellectual musical awesomeness! Check it out!


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Episode 4- Han(d) Solo and Ryan(’s) Cox

Ryan Cox stops by the studio, and we have an epic nerdfest about the upcoming Han Solo movie and Star Wars in general. We wax philosophical about Ron Howard's potential for the franchise, go in super deep (giggity) to the numerous sources of lore, and Ryan actually compares Star Wars to the Bible lol. We also forgot to talk about Kevin Smith and the fact that both of our last names have perceived references to male genitalia. This is an hour and twelve minutes of true geekdom. You're welcome.



Episode 3- Pets at the Store

Well I wasn't going to post this until next week, but a recent incident at a local store got me all riled up again. Thats the nature of the beast!

This episode will be about-you guessed it- pets at the store. Let the bitching commence!


Episode 2- The Fibs!

The Fibs stop by the studio and bless us all with witty banter, drink lots of beer and water, discuss the inner workings of the Fibs machine, put my meat in their mouths, and perform a rare acoustic set of three songs including one new one. Piles of awesomeness indeed!