So back in May The show hit its one year anniversary! The year definitely went way too fast! Over the course of the last month I've been busy planning and reworking some things, and have been quite busy. I really dug into where the show started and where it's gone in an attempt to really analyze what I should be doing. During this process, I got the idea that I should do a retrospective, sort of a "best of" while I work on new material and plan for the future of the show. So while I'm taking a little time off, I hope you enjoy looking back on the last year with me. This will be two parts, with this portion focusing on the rants and such, while the second part (coming soon) will focus on the guests. These are a little long (That's what she said), so take your motion sickness pills and get ready!

And a sincere thanks to all who have hung out through this entire journey!

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