One more step back in time to celebrate the guests who came on for the first year! Also a shout out to Spoiler Country, The Not So Crazy Podcast Of Blizzard The Wizard And Eli, and Baked And Awake for providing some awesome Clips for the episode. Thanks again to everyone for supporting the show for the last year! Currently working on some new content, so back to normal here pretty soon. Whatever normal means lol.

Awesome announcement at the end of the episode...


So back in May The show hit its one year anniversary! The year definitely went way too fast! Over the course of the last month I've been busy planning and reworking some things, and have been quite busy. I really dug into where the show started and where it's gone in an attempt to really analyze what I should be doing. During this process, I got the idea that I should do a retrospective, sort of a "best of" while I work on new material and plan for the future of the show. So while I'm taking a little time off, I hope you enjoy looking back on the last year with me. This will be two parts, with this portion focusing on the rants and such, while the second part (coming soon) will focus on the guests. These are a little long (That's what she said), so take your motion sickness pills and get ready!

And a sincere thanks to all who have hung out through this entire journey!


Disclaimer: I am not an expert in anything legal.

We have some pretty stupid and funny laws in this country.

We have things that aren't illegal but should be. 

And we just made some things illegal that I thought were already illegal.

And we have stupid people who do stupid things that lead others to react in stupid ways.

But nobuddy are stoopider then mee.

It's the law, Son!



Smallville actress Allison Mack is arrested for her alleged role in an alleged sex cult with alleged partner Kieth Raniere where they allegedly foced women into bondage and sex slavery, and allegedly trafficked them between New York And Mexico. And so much more!


Thanks to Steve Cominski from Baked and Awake for the promo! 

As you can tell, I'm not spending a lot of time on show notes lol.


Miss me? I thought so. I'm back after my brief hiatus, and I figured what better way to make some waves than to dive into the controversial topic of internet rights and ramifications of government regulation.From the recent self-regulation of Craigslist, the shutdown of BackPage, and the revision of Microsoft's user agreement we discuss HR-1865 and what it means for internet acountability.

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It's finally here! The fabled episode featuring my wife Marsha where we talk about the crazy world of sex dolls and the people who love them.There was so much content we didn't even get to it all lol. We might have to do part two sometime lol. Either way, it's fun and crazy and hopefully something a little different. If Leprechauns don't give you the heebeegeebees, maybe today's topic will!


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At Long Last! I go on location to the super secret lair of Harder Than Contra, an amazing band that performs modern covers of retro video game music. We talk about old school games, the genesis of the projectm musical concepts, and plans for their upcoming album. Great conversation and an awesome time. Fans of retro games and music will love this one. Be sure to check them out on all the social media stuffs!

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Recording Studio Wizard Bradly Miranda stops by the studio for some long awaited podcasting magic. We discuss working with worldwide legends MxPx at Monkey Trench Studios, his friendships with rock stars, his own musical projects, and his insight into the recording industry and the music business as a whole. Time flew by really fast on this one. So fast, I'm sure we will have Bradly on again soon! Special note to Jesse Lawson and Matthew Wolk- Got some cozy couches here and some extra microphones lol!


Whaaaaaaaat???? Peacock Talkin' bout sports??? How is that even possible? Oh, but it is! Here's my recap of Super Bowl 52 (hereby renamed the "Pooper Bowl")! Hear my insgightful and inspiring views on the matchup, the controversial plays, the riots, the protests, the lame ass haltime (cough) show(cough), and the shit eating (not talking about Tom Brady).  And...Go!!!

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 Pull up yer big kid pants and hang on for dear life! This doozy of an episode features a smorgasbord of awesomeness, provided by Baked and Awake's own Steve Cominksi! We delve into I-502 and the inner workings of the legal marijuana industry. We discuss ins, outs, perceptions, and dabs! Eductional, informational, and recreational! Oh! and Inspirational! Give yourself some time to listen to this one. It's long. And full.


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